Gentle Doctor In-Home Veterinary Care, LLC
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Services Provided
Wellness/Preventive Care:
Comprehensive Physical Examinations
Vaccines and/or vaccine titers
Blood and Urine Testing
Fecal Testing
Deworming and Internal and External Parasite Control
Ear Cleanings, Anal Gland Expression
Nail Trims

Non-Emergency Sick Care:
Comprehensive Physical Examinations
Comprehensive and Follow up Blood and Urine Testing
Otoscopic and Ophthalmic Evaluations
Cytology and Skin Scrapings
Fungal and Bacterial cultures
Subcutaneous Fluid Therapy
Medications and Supplements
Dietary Therapy

Holistic Services and Pain Management:
Comprehensive Physical and/or Acupuncture Examinations
Acupuncture Therapy
Low Level Laser Therapy
Pain Medications, Supplements, Chinese Herbal Therapy

Hospice and In-Home Euthanasia:
Support and Resources for End of Life Decision Making
Cremation Services Available

Gentle Doctor In-Home Veterinary Care, LLC
​Many of the services typically provided in  traditional veterinary setting can be provided in the home. If there is a need for xrays, hospitalization, surgery or other procedures, Dr. de Jong will recommend area hospitals that can provide those services.